June 2011 Crate

The June 2011 Crate is bursting with over 160 graphic styles, 150 icons, over 50 brushes, 50 pattern swatches, 14 textures, and more! These resources are 100% vector art, optimized for Adobe Illustrator CS4-CS6, and super useful for any personal or commercial project.

Required Program:
Illustrator CS4-CS6

Ideal Experience Level:
Intermediate - Expert

$30.00 USD

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June Icons


The WeeCon Color icon set for June includes 150 teeny color icons based on the original WeeCon set. Just like the original, even though they are tiny, they are vector art so you can scale them to any size! Each icon also has a symbol equivalent accessible from the Symbol panel. Fun little tip, I like to interchange the colors icons with the originals for hover elements in site designs.

June Seamless Textures

Seamless Textures

I have to say, these are some of my favorite elements of these crates! I use them all the time in illustrators logos, backgrounds, or anything that need an extra bump visually. This months comes with three seamless textures: cork, grime, and micro fabric. Each textures has numerous versions with accompanying graphic styles to custom the color and style.

June Textures


Just like the other crates, the textures included in this month's crate are a created from hi-resolution photos and scans. Because of the resolution, there is a ton of vector objects in each texture. This makes it great for using just a sections of the textures or using the whole thing as a overlay. If you look carefully, you'll see I used some of these textures in this months Random Illustrations and Grime seamless textures.

June Seamless Patterns

Seamless Patterns

There are some pretty cool patterns in this month's crate. The first patterns are intricate hand-drawn branches and blossoms. The second set of patterns are created with a bamboo brush and ink. Don't be fooled by the "Basic" label, these work great in many situations (check this month's random illustration). The last set of pattern swatches is a set colorful mosaics patterns called Pixel Bright. Each set comes with a number of graphic styles for customization.

June Text Graphic Styles

Text Graphic Styles

Graphic Styles are pretty amazing. You can completely change the look and feel of an element with a click of your button. I love typography, so combining graphic styles with text, makes me giddy. June's crate starts off with a bunch of sketchy ballpoint pen graphic styles. If those are not refined enough for your taste, take a look at the Retro Glam styles. Still not feeling it? More of a happy mood? Try the more kid friendly feel of the Tubular style.

June Graphic Styles

Graphic Styles

The past couple of crates included numerous button styles for use in user interfaces on web pages, apps, and more. This month I extended these styles with more UI elements. Now, the UI styles include buttons, drop-down menus, icon treatments, scrollbars, and more. If you hunt around in the Appearance panel a little, you will find some seamless swatches not found anywhere else. I know I did some fabric styles in the past, but the Micro Fabric styles in this crate are really fun to play around with!

June Pattern Brushes

Pattern Brushes

I just noticed all the elements in this months crate with Bamboo in the title. I didn't originally mean to do this, but let's say I did. This brings me to the first pattern brush in the crate, the Bamboo Pattern Brushes. There are three versions of bamboo each with two colors. Following some of the Fabric pattern swatches and styles in this months crate are some really fun Zipper brushes. The Zipper brush includes three versions each with a grayscale and color option.

June Art Brushes

Art Brushes

The art brushes that come in each crate are another one of my favorite elements. You can apply them to typography, illustrations, logos, ui elements, and more. For more further awesomenss, each brush includes and open and closed versions. This mean you can apply a closed brush to a closed objects creating a seamless transition instead of having abrupt stops when using the open brushes. Still, the open path versions are great for nice tapered ends and unexpected variances.

June Random Vector Illustration

Random Vector Illustration

In the March crate I got a little flack for not including a female version of the illustration. Sorry, my bad! So this month I create a male and female version of the illustration. Like I was talking about before, I used many of the elements found in this months crate for the illustrations. So even if you have no need for a fun illustration of a geek with laptop, dissecting the illustration might be enlightening.

June Special File

Special File

I know I did a similar font for last months micro crate, but I loved how it turned out and it was fun to make. So for this month, I created another hand-drawn font called Midway. In the files, you get the original version and a filled version. One nice thing about the font is it's licensed for print and web use, so you don't have to worry about buying another license to use it on the web! Hey, I'm a designer too and I don't like buying multiple licenses.