March 2011 Crate

The March 2011 Crate is crammed with over 350 graphic styles, 150 icons, 34 brushes, over 40 pattern swatches, 14 textures, and more! These resources are 100% vector art, optimized for Adobe Illustrator CS4-CS6, and super useful for any personal or commercial project.

Required Program:
Illustrator CS4-CS5

Ideal Experience Level:
Intermediate - Expert

$30.00 USD

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March Icons


The WeeCon icon set for March includes 150 teeny icons. Of course, since these are vector art, you can scale them to any size! Each icon has a symbol equivalent accessible from the Symbol panel and includes a default graphic style.

March Seamless Textures

Seamless Textures

There are four seamless textures included in this months crate: Conté, Jeans, Leather, and Watercolor Paper. Each seamless texture also includes numerous graphic styles to easily change the the color and depth of the texture.

March Textures


All the textures included in this month's crate are a created from hi-resolution photos and scans, ensuring highly detailed vector artwork. These textures are great for placing over artwork or ungrouping and using portions to add depth and character to vector art.

March Seamless Patterns

Seamless Patterns

The March Crate includes three seamless patterns. Each pattern contains numerous pattern swatch versions and graphic styles for customizing color and flare.

March Text Graphic Styles

Text Graphic Styles

Included in this month's crate are four graphic style created specifically for text. The numerous styles that come with each text style are super easy to apply to any text element and because they are built with the Appearance panel, the style and text are still completely editable.

March Graphic Styles

Graphic Styles

Buttons, jeans, and leather graphic styles are all included in the March Crate. Each style has multiple graphic styles for buttons, rounded buttons, text-buttons, and icons making it a snap to create attractive elements quickly.

March Pattern Brushes

Pattern Brushes

The March crate includes a Branch pattern brush and a Grimy Flag pattern brush. Each brush comes with multiple versions of the brush and multiple graphic styles making them easy to apply to objects and quickly edit.

March Art Brushes

Art Brushes

March's art brushes are built from marks and stroke originally drawn with Conté crayons. Using these brush with add depth and character to your vector art. Moreover, each brush includes Open and Closed path brushes!

March Random Vector Illustration

Random Vector Illustration

March's "Designer" Illustration showcases some of the awesome elements found in this months crate. You can easily pick apart the illustration and see how things are built or just use the illustration in an upcoming project.

March Special File

Special File

The Icon Tailor file has over 220 graphic styles created specifically to customize the WeeCon icon set. Using the Icon Tailor file, you can customize an almost unlimited number of icons sets for different jobs and projects!