February 2011 Crate

The February 2011 Crate is the first Vector Mill Crate and it's packed with 124 graphic styles, 48 icons, 48 brushes, 35 pattern swatches, 9 textures, and more! I'm super excited about these premium 100% vector elements and if you are a Vector / Illustrator groupie like me, I think you'll love them too!

Required Program:
Illustrator CS4-CS6

Ideal Experience Level:
Intermediate - Expert

$30.00 USD

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February Icons


The VM Root Icon Set includes an Appearance Panel and Expanded version. The Appearance Panel version is built primarily with the Appearance panel. This makes it super simple to scale the icons while retaining the single pixel appearance of the icons. The Expanded version of the icons are expanded to keep the dimensions of the icon elements even when scaling and transforming. Each version includes symbols of all the icons.

February Seamless Textures

Seamless Textures

There are four seamless textures included: Grain, Horizontal, Stitch and Wood. Each texture is built seamlessly for patterns and textures of any size. Each seamless texture also includes a couple graphic styles to easily change the the color of the texture.

February Textures


Three textures are included in the February Crate, each with three versions. These all-vector textures are created from hi-resolution photos creating intricate textures. These textures are great for placing over artwork or ungrouping and using portions to add depth and character to vector objects.

February Seamless Patterns

Seamless Patterns

The February Crate includes three seamless patterns. Each pattern is built seamlessly for patterns of any size. Each pattern contains numerous pattern swatch versions and graphic styles for customizing color and flare.

February Text Graphic Styles

Text Graphic Styles

Three Graphic Styles, created primarily for text, are included in the February Crate. Each of the Glitzy, Letterman, and Sketched versions come with multiple graphic styles. These styles are built primarily with the Appearance panel, making it easy to customize the color.

February Graphic Styles

Graphic Styles

Buttons, Fabric, and Wood graphic styles are included in the February Crate. Each style has multiple Graphic Styles for buttons, rounded buttons, text-buttons, and icons making it a snap to create attractive elements quickly.

February Pattern Brushes

Pattern Brushes

Two Pattern Brushes are included in this month's crate. The Ribbon Brush has three versions each with its own graphic style to customize its color. The Shoelace pattern brush has two versions and it also has graphic styles to easily customize its color.

February Art Brushes

Art Brushes

This month's art brushes are based on a bamboo pen and ink. The set includes twenty brushes, each with two versions of the brush. The Open path versions of the brushes are great for creating tapered edges and other characteristics of a bamboo pen. The Closed shape versions are optimized for closed paths so there are no abrupt stops in line quality.

February Random Vector Illustration

Random Vector Illustration: Happy Bird!

This month's illustration is a fun illustration of a bird. It's great for a twitter avatar or incorporated into a client design. This illustration is detailed with many of the other February 2011 Crate elements.

February Special File

Special File: Single Path Font Construction

The Special file for this month is a single path font. It's perfect for applying Pattern Brushes, Art Brushes, and other stroke effects. Moreover, it's easy to join letters in a word so the stroke effects will continue through all the letters.