August Avatar Crate

The Vector Mill Avatar Crate for August contains enough layers and graphic style to create hundreds of thousands of custom avatar characters. Just like the other crates, these resources are 100% vector art, optimized for Illustrator CS4-CS6, and great for any personal or commercial projects.

Required Program:
Illustrator CS4-CS6

Ideal Experience Level:
Intermediate - Expert

$20.00 USD

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Avatar Layers

Choosing Facial Features with Layers

The VM Avatar Creator uses a hierarchy of layers to create custom avatars. Simply choose a gender, face type, and features by toggling the visibility of layers in the Layers panel. Some of the features include: hair, eyes, eyebrows, noses, mouths, facial hair, makeup, hats, glasses, and more!

Avatar Styles

Customizing Color with Graphic Styles

Included in the VM Avatar Creator are numerous graphic styles to change the skin, hair, eyes, makeup, glasses, hats, headbands, and other colors. Since all the elements are vector art, you can further customize avatars with your own colors. Moreover, you can easily add custom vector object you have drawn.

VM Avatar Basics