April 2011 Micro Crate

The April 2011 Micro Crate is packed with a bunch of Sketchee (hand-drawn) elements! Even though it's smaller than previous crates, it's still packed with 65 graphic styles, 45 icons, 40 brushes, 18 pattern swatches, and two fonts! These resources are 100% vector art and optimized for Adobe Illustrator CS4-CS6.

Required Program:
Illustrator CS4-CS6

Ideal Experience Level:
Intermediate - Expert

$15.00 USD

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March Icons


The SketcheeCons icon set for April includes 41 sketchy, hand-drawn icons. Each icon has a symbol equivalent accessible from the Symbol panel. The SketcheeCons Illustrator file is layered to easily separate the darker "Outline" vector shapes from the lighter "Tone" shapes.

March Seamless Textures

Special File: Sketchee Fonts

The April 2011 Sketchee Crate comes with two fonts. Can you guess what they are called? Yup, it a Sketchee font. Actually it's two fonts, a Light and Bold version. These work great for any print or web project!

March Textures

Seamless Patterns

Two Seamless patterns are included in the April Micro Crate. The first is a fun Sketchee Tools pattern. Each of the Sketchee tools is also separated out as symbols for further use. The second pattern is a hand-drawn circle pattern. Both patterns include a couple graphic styles to easily customize the pattern color.

March Seamless Patterns

Graphic Styles

There are 6 Sketchee graphic styles specific to text and icon use in the April Micro Crate. Each icon and text style includes a black, brown, blue, red, and green color graphic style.

March Text Graphic Styles

Art Brushes

This month's art brushes are based on Micron pens. The set includes twenty brushes, each with two versions of the brush. The Open path versions of the brushes are great for creating tapered edges and other characteristics of a bamboo pen. The Closed shape versions are optimized for closed paths so there are no abrupt stops in line quality.